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Spider veins, Anti wrinkles your questions answered

Q.   What are SPIDER VEINS exactly, what causes them and how can I treat them?

A.    Spider veins are scattered purple veins that crop up over time and can appear anywhere from foot to thigh. There are lots of causes but commonly they’re passed down from a family member or develop when you become pregnant.

Spider veins can be a surface sign of underlying ‘venous incompetence’ from varicose veins. If there are varicose veins present, we recommend you treat those first, then we get to work tidying up the surface spiders.

A concentrated salty water ‘sclerosant’ is injected into the spider veins individually and or their feeder veins (the blue surface veins) to irritate the vessel lining causing them to close over.

Over the following 6 weeks the body naturally removes the remnants of the redundant veins. On average patients require 3-4 treatments and you will likely bruise each time. We space the treatments 6 weekly and maintenance is generally a couple of sessions each year.

Q. I have heard that anti-wrinkle injections are not just for wrinkles, is that true?

A. Yes, they can help with chronic migraine, eye twitching, excessive sweating, teeth grinding, gummy smiles, jawline shaping and popply/dimply chins.

Q. What can I do to minimise my pores?

A. Pore size is genetically determined. In saying that, there are things you can do at home to minimise the appearance of your pores:

Fruit acid cleansers – just a word of warning, excessive cleansing and exfoliating will dry out your skin. Your body will then compensate and produce more oil.

Vitamin A topical cream – Vitamin A regenerates collagen which plumps the skin and makes pores less visible. Using products with vitamin A helps support the pore walls, keeping them tight and small.

Masks – Oil absorbing masks with retinol are my favourite pick.

We love Vitamin C